Internship Opportunities


Do you want to get involved in politics, in affecting change, in resisting bad policy?  Do you want to help shape the future of Virginia, and the country?  An internship or fellowship with the Will King Campaign is a great opportunity to play an integral role on a campaign that will have national significance.  Working with the campaign will be an excellent learning opportunity for anyone interested in campaigns, elections or public policy.  This is also valuable experience for a resume and training in the modern skills and tools of a campaign.  Be sure to check with your school about credit opportunities for internships.

An intern or fellow will be involved in a broad array of activities, including:

  • Using the latest campaign software
  • Attending and building political events
  • Organizing a modern political grassroots team
  • Overseeing volunteers and activities
  • Meeting and working with other interns, fellows, and staff.


Campaign internships and fellowships are an invaluable experience for anyone looking to stand out on job or school applications, to go beyond theories taught in the classroom, play a role in our political system and help a great candidate.  As someone who interned many elections ago I can safely say the opportunity is not one to overlook.

If you are interested in this great opportunity in Culpeper, Fauquier, Warren and/or Rappahannock County please email me at as soon as possible, even if you are thinking of a summer internship. Please include "Internship" and your name in the subject line.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Tim Cotton, Campaign Manager

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