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    It has been a memorable journey meeting families, small business owners and small farmers throughout the 18th.

    Although the result was not what we may have hoped for, I am encouraged for the prospects of independent third-party politics in America.


    Will is both honored and excited, to be a candidate for the General Assembly for an opportunity to serve his neighbors near and far in the 18th District.

    As a 25-year veteran of the U.S. Navy and law enforcement, Will prides himself on being both a leader and a servant. As the 18th District’s representative in Richmond, he will continue to lead, and more importantly, to serve.

    Will has carefully considered his views on the most important issues facing the 18th District, including education of its children, promoting agri-businesses, supporting sustainable business growth that will both boost the district’s commercial tax base and preserve the region’s rural environment for generations to come. For more on Will’s views and how he plans to support them, please see the Issues page.

    Will has made a conscious decision to put people over party, opting to run as neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Rather, Will plans to work with his colleagues from both parties in pursuit of what is best for the district, the region, and ultimately, the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    While Will represents both private citizens and businesses with equal effort and enthusiasm, he is opting not to accept corporate donations. Ultimately, all businesses support the people they employ and serve; Will is relying directly on the people’s support to earn their trust, and their vote, to represent their interests as Virginia’s 18th District delegate.

    Vote Will King on November 7th, 2017 


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